Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's A Whole New Ballgame

Good Morning, Dear Friends!

I have spent some time reading my Bible this morning...praying, going over past prayer journals and writings...and, in doing so, I think I'm starting to see what is wrong with me...what's happened to me over the past several years. I'm starting to realize that in fighting the battles...enduring the hardships over the past several years...I've spent so much time trying to be what I think everybody else wants me to be (rather than what Jesus has called me to be)...that I've lost myself along the way.

In trying to balance everything and everybody...instead of standing on scripture and doing that which I, in my heart, I know is right, according to God's Holy Word, and letting the chips fall where they may...I have relented. I have 'tried to keep the peace'...and in doing so I have become spiritually fragmented, soft, weak, and wishy-washy...and I'm tired of it!

I have repented and asked the Lord to forgive me, and, starting today, with His help, I jump back into the race full-force that was set before me long ago. I refuse to wallow in self pity and I refuse to cower in a corner keeping my thoughts to myself and allowing discouragement, depression, and distractions to eat me alive. No more!

From here on out it's a brand new ballgame! Actually, it's an old ballgame newly revised! I'm going back to the old paths! Back to the playing field that I stood on seven, eight, nine, ten years ago. For those of you who have known me for more than a few know what I'm talking about. I'm standing on God's Word and I will no longer care who likes it and who doesn't.

As for this blog...I'm going to stop trying to make it into something that I'm not capable of. From here on out I'm going to write what's on my heart. If it blesses and encourages...wonderful! If it convicts or offends...too bad!

I'm tired of being this way! I'm tired of holding my tongue and dancing with the devil! Instead of that, I should be boldly proclaiming the Word of God without I used to. It hasn't done me (or anyone else either!) any good to do otherwise anyway. All it's done is give place to the devil (thereby creating many strongholds) and it's about made me into a raving lunatic. No more!

Like I said...beginning today it's a whole new ballgame! (Devil, are you ready?)

In Christ Jesus,


  1. So inspired by your action. Jesus smiles at you, Rebecca.

  2. I am proud of you Rebecca, you are strong and with God's hand guiding you this will be a walk you will enjoy. God will guide you and help all those "problems" fall where they should. Stay strong and I will stay in prayer for you. Love you!