Thursday, June 9, 2011

Princess Kate A Keeper Of The Home? And Feminism Dead?

I ran across a couple of interesting articles this afternoon, quite by accident really, and, while I doubt that either of them were written with a Biblical worldview in mind, both of them made my heart leap with joy. I couldn't help but think about the possibilities of the world to come for girls who are young now, and for those who haven't even arrived on the world scene yet.

I couldn't help but think, "Is this a sign that the pendulum on feminism truly is swinging back towards good, old-fashioned a time when women realized where their true strength and power lay, and they were content to play out their God-given role as wife, mother, and keeper-of-the-home? Will the families of the future be able to deliberately make a choice for the wife be a keeper of the home without being made to feel inferior by their working peers and be ridiculed for it?"

Here are a couple of excerpts, along with a link where you can read both articles in full...

Excerpt #1 From the Anne of Green Gables Blog

"In addition to the normal (rather, abnormal) amount of media attention showered upon Kate Middleton throughout her courtship and marriage to Prince William, it seems the latest topic of discussion revolves around her choice to stay home and manage their small rented cottage in Wales while William continues his career as a RAF search and rescue pilot.

Just recently, I heard a radio commentator relate this story of Kate deciding to be a housewife for the time being, by saying, “Hello, 1960 called…”.  Not too long ago (and still today in some circles) women were criticized for their decision to pursue a career instead of a family or to do both.  Now, tides have turned and what has typically been considered a worthy path in life – to provide a home for your loved ones – is being criticized and deemed unimportant.

Yes, it is true that with Kate’s new status and educational background she could yield a position in a career of her choosing.  But just because a person can do something, does it mean they necessarily should?"

To read the full article CLICK HERE.

Excerpt #2 from The Belfast Telegraph 

"A recent report by the eminent LSE sociologist Catherine Kakim suggests that feminism is dead and most women now want to marry a rich husband and stay at home.

This sparked a huge media debate with Grazia magazine asking its readers to choose between ambition and “man-bition”.

With equality of opportunity for women so hard fought for, the pendulum now seems to have swung so far in the opposite direction that even though we now have the luxury of choice; there is something of a stigma attached to those women opting to look after hubby and home."

To read the full article CLICK HERE.

So, after reading both articles, what do you think? What do you think of Princess Kate's decision to keep house? And do you think that the pendulum on feminism truly is swinging back the other way? Feel free to share your comments.

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  1. Weel, just as I hope her beautiful *sleeved* wedding dress will begin a trend towards feminine, elegant and decent wedding attire, so I hope her role as 'keeper of the home' may begin a trend in that direction.
    I know countless women who feel they *must* go out to work, but who'd love to be at home.... My heart goes out to them. I feel blessed for the path God put me on x


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