Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Evening Journal - June 7, 2011

By Rebecca, simply yours

It's been a long time since I posted a journal entry. I need to get back to them on a regular basis.

~What Time It Is...

...6:48 p.m.

~What I'm Doing...

...just got done with supper dishes and am taking a quick computer break.

~I Am Praising The LORD For...

...small successes. The past few weeks have been lost in a whirlwind of physical, financial, and emotional difficulties with very little being accomplished on the home front, but, praise the Lord! So far, this week has gone well and, small they may be, but, successes they've been, nevertheless...and I am thankful!

~Things That Made Me Smile Today...

...a friend's sweet post, a conversation between my son and his crazy friend, and the fact that the humidity wasn't as bad today.

~What I Did Today...

...quiet time with the Lord, walked with Leslie Sansone, did a general house straightening, oversaw a full day of school (that makes two whole days in a row!!! WOW!), put up ten pints of cherry jelly, and checked the sauerkraut (we're at the half-way point and it's looking good!).

~My Evening Prayer...

... that the Lord would continue to lead, guide, and direct me in the battles that take place in the mind and give me victory over them.

~What We Had For Supper...

... leftover cornbread and a one-pot favorite...home-canned green beans, canned potatoes, onion, and ham.

To make just mix one quart green beans, one can of sliced potatoes, a small onion, and a handful of diced ham. Season with black pepper and salt to taste.

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