Monday, March 3, 2014

My Dollar-Stretching, Cabinet-Clearing, Clean-The-Food-Up Project For March - DAY 3 - 3/3/14

Good Evening, Dear Friends!

Day 3 of My Dollar-Stretching, Cabinet-Clearing, Clean-The-Food-Up Project For March is nearly over and the refrigerator-freezer is practically bare!

My plan, as soon as I get it to the point that I want it, is to start moving a week's worth of food items at a time over from the deep freeze to the refrigerator-freezer and keep everything in constant rotation...using up what's on hand in the little freezer, moving over another week's worth of food, then refill the deep freeze with fresh food, meat bought on mark-down, bulk purchases from the local Mennonite and Amish stores, etc. I purchase all my grains (white wheat flour, whole wheat flour, whole oats, oat bran, popcorn, etc.) and spices from there and usually buy in fairly large quantities. I keep most of them in the deep freeze to preserve freshness.

Okay...on to Day 3's progress...

DAY 3 - Monday, March 3, 2014 -

* For breakfast this morning John and I both had farina (cream of wheat) hot cereal with raw sugar and milk.

* We had company at lunchtime and I just laid out a smorgasbord of leftovers for everyone to choose from...leftover Un-stuffed Cabbage Roll Soup, Stuffed Pepper Casserole, and Turkey ala King. While we didn't completely clean those things up, there's only about a half to a whole serving of each left. They will be gone by tomorrow. I made my daughter-in-love a grilled hot turkey and cheese sandwich along with a handful of Chester's Cheesy Puff Corn.

* For supper I used  up a package of white spaghetti (as a rule we do not buy white pasta, but it was a package that someone must have given us along the way at some point) and a half a package of 2% Velveeta-type cheese to make Cheesy Spaghetti and I served it with a nice fresh spinach salad and red wine vinegar. I made a crust-less pumpkin pie for dessert and served it with a swirl of Redi-Whip on top. Yum!

* I also went through my tea stock today. I discarded any loose-leaf tea that was in plastic baggies. These were given to me by friends over the years and many of them have accumulated in minute quantities. I didn't think that it would be wise to use these teas now because of the possibility of the plastic leaching into the tea oils and, besides, there was only enough in each baggie for a pot or two of tea, so I didn't feel too about about discarding them. I threw those away, kept all the teas that were in sealed bags, paper bags, and boxes, and developed a plan to use up all tea on-hand before buying more. I've got a LOT of tea on-hand and it will be MONTHS before I have to buy more! :)

Well...that's it for today. Nothing too exciting, I guess, but what I did nonetheless. You all have a great evening and I'll see you again tomorrow!

All My Love,

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