Friday, March 7, 2014

My Dollar-Stretching, Cabinet-Clearing, Clean-The-Food-Up Project For March - Day 7 - March 7, 2013

Good Evening, Dear Friends,

My Dollar-Stretching, Cabinet-Clearing, Clean-The-Food-Up Project For March continues and Day 7 is over. I am excited to report that, after a full week, we are finally starting to expand our food choices beyond the refrigerator and refrigerator-freezer and gain some variety to our meals. :)

Here is today's report...

DAY 7 - Friday, March 7, 2014 -

* Unfortunately, today started out busier than usual, and, by the time we were ready to settle down to breakfast it was already nearing lunchtime, so, for lunch, I had a turkey cheeseburger and oven fries (a potato cut, drizzled with olive oil, and baked in a 450 degree oven), and John made himself some pasta topped with leftover roasted vegetables and leftover spaghetti sauce...oops! Make that leftover enchilada sauce! Yuck!!! (LOL! Who could tell the difference? They both look the same in those cute, little, clear, plastic containers with the blue lids!) He ate it, but John said that he really didn't recommend it. ;)

* In the afternoon our son and daughter-in-love dropped by with a pizza. I shouldn't have, but I had a slice or two of it. (Can you blame me? It didn't do a thing toward cleaning up leftovers, but it sure was tasty!) ;)

* For supper I made chicken breasts seasoned with salt, pepper, dried red pepper flakes, parsley, basil, and garlic, mashed potatoes, corn, home-canned beets, and frozen dinner rolls. (Way too much starch, I know, but I have a plan. There's a bigger plan going on overall. This food clean-up is just the first phase.)

* Snacks today included banana, cheese, and yogurt.

That's it for today, friends! You all get a good night's sleep and I'll see you tomorrow! G'night! <3

All My Love,

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