Monday, March 17, 2014

Putting Up Sauerkraut

Cabbage has been on sale this week as a St. Patty's Day special and, last Friday, my daughter, Amber, and I picked up several heads each. This morning we, along with granddaughter, Audrey, got together and turned our 14 cabbages into 22 quarts of sauerkraut (for a detailed post on how I make my sauerkraut click here).

Before starting the process I read Amber and Audrey a portion of a letter that my great-aunt, Jessie, sent to her sister (my grandmother, Maudie), telling her how she made her sauerkraut (to read Aunt Jessie's letter click here).
Aunt Jessie's Letter To Grandma Maude
Here are few pictures of our sauerkraut-making experience today...

14 heads of cabbage waiting to be cut, shredded, and packed into jars.

I cut, Audrey shredded, and Amber packed the cabbage into jars.

A few jars partway through the initial process.

A single jar of cabbage. Isn't it pretty?

22 jars of cabbage stored under the house to ferment. 
It will be six weeks before we can get together to bring the jars out from under the house and finish the sauerkraut-making process, but it will be worth it! As Aunt Jessie says...

"...this is the finest Kraut I ever did eat...make it this way
and you wont regret it..." ~Jessie McCann Martin

Aunt Jessie must have known what she was talking about because I won't touch sauerkraut from a can. Homemade sauerkraut made from this recipe is the only sauerkraut that I will put in my mouth. And, it's a fact...I've never regretted making it this way. :)

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