Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Dollar-Stretching, Cabinet-Clearing, Clean-The-Food-Up Project For March - Day 5 - 3/5/14

Good Evening, Friends!

As Day 5 of My Dollar-Stretching, Cabinet-Clearing, Clean-The-Food-Up Project For March continues I am surprised by the number of meals that were hidden in the refrigerator and refrigerator-freezer alone. They're not quite empty yet, but, they're getting there! 

Here is today's progress report...

Day 5 - Wednesday, March 5, 2014 -

* Today was such a busy day and all the busyness started as soon as I rolled out of bed. I'm working on several things at once and will share more about those things in the days ahead, but I got so busy with housework first thing this morning that I forgot to eat breakfast. For some reason John didn't eat breakfast, either, so at mid-morning we both took a break and had a brunch of sorts. We each grabbed our choice of the dwindling leftovers...little bits of this, that, and the other that we found lurking in the fridge...and called it good. I finished up the last of the cheesy spaghetti, but I don't remember for sure what John chose. Whatever it was it was one more thing finished off and gone! :)

* By mid-afternoon John was out and about running errands around town and I had worked up quite an appetite. I decided to go for the last frozen container of any kind in the refrigerator-freezer. I wasn't quite sure what it was, but, fortunately, it turned out to be something quite yummy...leftover barbecued turkey! I heated it up and made a sandwich out of it and had a few tablespoons of Greek vanilla yogurt for dessert.

* For supper this evening I had a real treat! Half of a roast beef sandwich, mashed potatoes, and brown gravy; John had the rest of the barbecued turkey and a deviled egg. 

* For snacks we had cold cereal with bananas, I had the last boiled egg, and a slice of block Colby cheese.

Well, that's it for today. I can't help but think that I must surely be boring everyone to death, but I'm doing this as a challenge to myself more than anything else, but am hoping that I might inspire someone else along the way, so...I will continue with Day 6 tomorrow. Good night everyone! Have a wonderful evening!

All My Love,

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