Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Dollar-Stretching, Cabinet-Clearing, Clean-The-Food-Up Project For March - Day 6 - 3/6/14

Good Evening, Dear Friends!

Day 6 of My Dollar-Stretching, Cabinet-Clearing, Clean-The-Food-Up Project For March is over and as it continues I'm beginning to think that some progress, at least, is being made. 

Here's today's report...

DAY 6 - Thursday, March 6, 2014 -

* The morning started with omelets made with eggs, fat-free turkey, and 2% cheese slices. (John had an all egg white omelet as usual. I think I've got enough yolks right now to make a batch of homemade noodles!) :)

* For lunch it was last of the barbecued turkey, leftover mashed potatoes, and a lovely spinach salad served with red wine vinegar. For dessert we had butterscotch pudding with served with Redi Whip on top. (It was so yummy!)

* In the afternoon one of our daughters-in-law and four of the grands were here and grandson, Jed, brought Grandma's attention to the fact there were still, indeed, more of last year's pecans. They were in a big bowl...cracked, but not yet picked out of their, while we visited, granddaughter, Lizzie, helped me and we got them picked out, jarred, and put in the freezer. We got almost a full pint AND there is still a bag of whole, uncracked pecans left for me to work on. I am so THANKFUL! Between those, and the fresh, vacuum-sealed pecans that a friend gave us recently, I've got enough nuts to run us til fall.  

* For supper I made Roasted Vegetables With Lentils, sausage, and French bread. I didn't follow the recipe for the roasted vegetables exactly. I just used what vegetables I had on hand...yellow onion, sweet potatoes, carrots, and cabbage. It turned out really nice and so good. This has actually become one our favorite cold weather foods.

* Snacks today included string cheese and rice...but not together. ;)

Well, that's it for today! We've got company coming next week, so tomorrow I'm hoping to be able to put next week's menus together and solidify our holiday plans. (Holiday as in our annual St. Patrick's Day get-together with family and friends. Technically, St. Patty's Day is a week from Monday on the 17th, but we always get together when our daughter from Kansas City has her days off and can make it down. This year our get-together will be on Wednesday the 12th.) 

So...anyway...well...I guess I say good night for now and I'll see you all tomorrow! Good night! Take care and God bless!

All My Love,

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