Monday, May 12, 2014

An UPside Down Mother's Day

My own mother has been gone for close to nine years, and, now, my mother-in-law is gone, too. So, this year, I decided to celebrate Mother's Day by doing something a little bit different. I first got the idea from Lisa Jo Baker. She called it 'An UPside Down Mother's Day Gift List'. I used a couple of Lisa Jo's ideas, then, came up with a few of my own. Here are some of the things I did to celebrate Mother's Day this year...

1. I wrote a letter to each one of my children listing ten reasons as to why I love being their mom. It was wonderful to, purposefully, sit down and think back over the remember them as children, and think about the adults they have become. At times it got a bit emotional, but this is something that I recommend every mom do at some point in their lives...especially if their children are grown and out of the house. <3

2. I, purposefully, let my husband off the hook and didn't leave him guessing this year. I told him exactly what I wanted for Mother's Day outright and told him that there was no pressure. What I wanted was dinner out at a specific restaurant and to watch Mom's Day Out when it hits our local theater in Lamar, which won't be til June. Without knowing that, our daughter and son-in-law beat him to the draw. They invited us to join them in Pittsburg this afternoon and surprised us both with lunch out and a visit to the theater to watch Mom's Day Out...which, by the way,was totally awesome! And it has such a good message! A message that most moms I know really need to hear today, and that included this mama right here. In the end, my husband ended up doing something completely different for me for Mother's Day, but we still plan on going out for dinner one evening at the restaurant of my choice.

3. I don't have many aunts left, but I called each one of the ones that I do have and wished them a Happy Mother's Day. It was great to visit with each one of them and, purposefully, connect. I love ALL of my aunts! I miss the ones that are gone and cherish the ones I have left...especially my mom's two sisters.

4. I  took a bouquet of fresh-cut irises to three women that the Lord laid on my heart. The first was someone who has been in my life since I was ten-years-old. She means the world to me and I want her to know it. She was my mom's closest friend, and neighbor, and she's been like a second mom to me all my life, but especially since my own mom's been gone. I am so thankful that she's been there for me! The second was a friend who's been a friend for awhile now, but over the past couple of years or so we've gotten really close. I treasure her friendship and just wanted her to know it. And the third was a woman that I barely know. She, just recently, lost her son and, no matter how old that child may have been, I know the pain of losing a child, and my heart aches for her.

The rest of my own day was loaded with sweet surprises from family and friends. I loved seeing my children and all the grands. The only low spot was not getting to spend time with my youngest daughter who lives too far away to visit with regularly. Other than that, the day was perfect! <3

Until next time...

All My Love,

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One Thousand Gifts -

4) ox-eyed daisies blooming along the roadsides
5) first turtle of the season
6) tomato plants, pepper plants, basil, and thyme

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