Monday, March 23, 2020

Home Management Monday - March 23, 2020

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Pretty Yellow Tulips
Greetings, Dear Friends! 💗 It's Monday!

Despite all the craziness going on in our world today, I trust that you had a good weekend and I pray that you and your family are able to enjoy the slower pace that we suddenly find ourselves thrust least most of us anyway. 

My heart goes out to those in the medical field right now, as they work on the front-lines of this COVID-19 pandemic, as well as, to those in retail, and truckers, as they struggle to keep America in food and toilet paper. If people would stop hoarding certain items it would help! 😖

Empty Potato Bins @ Dillons
Empty Toilet Paper Aisle @ Walmart
I'm glad we had some extra toilet paper on-hand,
because we haven't been able to find any anywhere.
My heart goes out, too, to those that have lost their jobs in the midst of all of this and to those small business owners that have had to close their doors. It's a mess for sure, but we will get through it. My thoughts and prayers are with all.

So, how are you and your family doing in the midst of all this? I pray that each and every one of your households are well, and that your extended families are well also. What is life like at your house these days?

I'm still working my two days a week, but all programs have been cancelled and our doors are shut until April 30th. It's quite strange to be all alone in the nature center with it's doors locked and the shades pulled. Saturday I put together an online prairie chicken program and it seemed to go over well. I may work on making more of those during this time of lockdown.

On the home-front, I haven't been doing a whole lot...mostly just keeping up with the basics and enjoying the extra time to work on my blog and just be. I've really enjoyed being able to spend extra time with you all here, because this truly is where my heart is. 💗

Let's get on with this week's post...shall we? 😊

I awoke to...

... lingering dreams of a friend that had come for a visit (I need to call and check on them today), birds happily singing outside my bedroom window, and gray skies.

What I'm thinking...

... I am thinking about and praying over everyone and everything surrounding this pandemic. How can I pray for you?

What I'm thankful for...

... God's mercy and protection over friends and family.

On the breakfast plate...

... Peaches and cream oatmeal and a cup Twining's Irish Breakfast tea

The weather...

... Right now it's 55 degrees and cloudy, but, despite rain chances here and there, the week ahead looks pretty nice! I'm hoping to spend some time outdoors this week!

This week's menu plan...

Tuesday - Turkey burgers, oven fries, and salad
Wednesday - Turkey Italian sausage with oven-roasted potatoes and coleslaw
Thursday - Chicken fajitas and salad
Friday - Broiled salmon, baked potatoes, and coleslaw
Saturday - Dh's night to cook
Sunday - Leftovers

On my 'to do' list...

Since everything is on lockdown right now and my calendar has been cleared of just about everything (except for work a couple of days a week for now), every day will pretty much be the same. 

I will...

... spend time in God's Word and prayer
... spend quality time with my husband
... check in on, and visit with, friends and family members via telephone and video chats
... work on my blog
... work around the house (clean, organize)
... spend time outside (in the yard, at Prairie)
... read
... watch movies online
... rest 
... relax

Additionally, this week, I hope to try out some new DIY recipes (disinfectant wipes, etc.) 

On my reading pile...

Bible Prayer by Kenneth E. Hagin (Bible Study Course) and Iditarod Dreams by Lew Freedman and DeeDee Jonrowe

From the camera...

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Robin Eggs
Scripture verse...

Image result for kjv 2 timothy 1:7 spring

Well, Ladies, that's it for this week! I pray that each and every one of you have a great week ahead! Stay close the Lord and stay in His Word!

Until next time...

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  1. My babysitting girls enjoyed the online prairie program!! Angie 😊

    1. Yeah! I'm glad to hear it! I've had several libraries and homeschool groups forward it. Seems to be going over pretty good! Thanks for reading, watching, and letting me know! Blessings! <3

  2. Please pray for my daughter - an ICU RN with compromised immunity, and a weekend ability to fight infection. She is also asthmatic, as is her daughter (my grand-daughter) who is a nurse in a nursing home. Please pray for all of us.

    1. Dear Heavenly Father,

      Lord God, I come before you right now and lift these dear ones up to you...this mother, daughter, and grandmother. Father God, I pray the 91st Psalm over these precious women and plead the Blood of Jesus over each of them, individually, as well as, over them as a family unit.

      Father, I pray the peace that surpasses all understanding over them and I ask that You would make Yourself very real to them in times of trouble. Give them a hunger and a thirst for Your Word and help them to stand on it's promises at every turn.

      We thank You for Your love and care of them, Lord, and we praise You and thank You that they are safe, healed, and whole.

      In Jesus' name...

      Read Psalm 91 and stand on its promises. If you are a child of God, they belong to you!

      God bless you, dear lady! <3

  3. Enjoyed all the spring photos in your post as well as your positive tone. Glad your on-line program went so well. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks, Jean! Hope things are going well with you as well. Blessings! <3

  4. I think that your online program might be a good thing to do with my grand doll when she visits me next. It is a good thing that they live next door.

  5. Thanks, Carol! I hope that your grand doll enjoys it! Blessings! <3


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