Tuesday, March 28, 2023

23 Things in 2023 - First-Quarter Update

In Janurary I posted a list of 23 things that I want to do and hope to accomplish in 2023. 

Here's an update of where I'm at so far...

1. Purpose to sow daily towards gaining greater health in every area (spirit and soul and body - I Thessalonians 5:23; prosper and be in health - 3 John 2).

(This has been a tough one...especially in the area of body...since I've been battling health issues since early November, BUT, I am finally moving forward and making progress.)

2. Keep up with scripture reading and daily Bible study. 

(This is my #1 priority each day, so am staying on track.) 

3. Read 12 new books. (I wanted to say 23, but I know me. I'll be doing good if I read 12.)

(I'm doing better with this one than expected. Have read eight books since the beginning of the year. At this rate, I might make 23 after all!) 

4. Focus on simple and nutritious foods. 

(Am doing okay with this one. I kind of veer off course at times, but, overall, I'm trying to stay on track with simple, healthier choices.)

5. Get 30 minutes of physical activity in, at least, five days a week (walking, hiking, dancing, gardening, yard work, etc.).

(Due to all the physical stuff I've been battling, I wasn't doing too well with this one early on, but the past few weeks things have improved and, despite illness, I have consistently done better. I have gotten in some form of daily exercise (30 minutes to an hour) for more than three weeks now.

6. Lose at least 23 pounds.

(Have lost 10 so far.)

7. Post my weekly master to-do list and menu plan here on the blog.

(Have been keeping up with this one.)

8. Practice hospitality by inviting family members and friends in to share a meal at least once a month.

(Have been keeping up with this one.)

9. Welcome a new grandbaby into the family.

(Not yet.)

10. Save money by using up gift bags, tissue paper, wrapping paper, gift tags, and cards on-hand instead of buying more. 

(I have purchased a couple of cards for specific occasions that I didn't have but, other than that, have been using only what's on-hand.)

11. Deep-clean, declutter, and organize every room in my home. (I think this going to have to be an annual, or semi-annual, event every year. There's just too much clutter!) 

(Am getting started on that one this week.)

12. Visit Hannibal, Missouri and take a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River.

(Not yet.)

13. Visit the Steamboat Arabia Museum in Kansas City, Missouri. (We visited several years ago, but I want to revisit with fresh eyes and armed with more information.)

(Not yet.)

14. Visit Fort Rock Family Camp in Arkansas...either as a registered guest or maybe as a voluteer.

(Not yet.)

15. Create and keep a new nature journal.

(Nothing has really captured my attention to do so, yet. I think I'm better off these days sticking with photography.)

16. Get the north shed cleaned out, repaired, and organized into a storage shed.

(Not yet.)

17. Redo the front porch.

(Not yet.)

18. Paint and hide rocks with the grands.

(Not yet.)

19. Log at least 12 new geocache locations.

(None yet.)

20. Explore a new-to-me trail. 

(Not yet.)

21. Visit at least one Missouri state park that I've never visited before. 

(Not yet.)

22. Visit Bass Pro and Wonders of Wildlife in Springfield at Christmastime.

(Definately too early.)

Well, that's how my 2023 list is coming along so far! How about you? What's something on your list that's in the works or has been marked off?

Until next time...

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  1. I am just now getting back to regular exercise. It's been crazy busy with home repairs and renovations, but we have gotten a lot done. I have only read one book this year. You are doing great.

    1. It's good to hear from you, Kristina! Sounds like you all are making progress with home repairs and renovations! That's great! Thank you so much for stopping in! I just now realized that your blog posts aren't coming through in my e-mail like they used to. I need to check into that and see what's going on and get reconnected. Have a great week ahead and Happy Easter!


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