Monday, March 6, 2023

Master To-Do List and Menu Plan Monday - March 6, 2023

It's a bit cloudy, here in southwest Missouri, this morning, but it's warm...62 degrees (with a high of 73 expected) and just a tad breezy...all in all...a beautiful day!


I just received my DNA results from and it's a whole lot of hype about nothin' if you ask me. I knew more about my heritage than they were able to tell me. The only surprising factor in the whole thing was that they confirmed what a very dear friend told me years ago. I'm 44% Scottish and only 3% Irish (I've always assumed closer to 50/50). The Scottish side does include Northern Ireland, which is all I knew about until a few years ago, and I just assumed that that meant Irish-Irish, but alas, it does not. Anyway...other than that (and maybe even including that), for me it is just a waste of hard-earned money. Oh, well! 🙄

Spring Beauties

I'm finally feeling quite a bit better. My oldest daughter, who is a master herbalist, introduced me to AlliBiotic CF and it is kicking whatever this stuff is in the tail and clearing it out. It started out as COVID several weeks ago, but, then went into, I'm pretty sure, walking pneumonia (I haven't have an ex-ray to prove it, but I've had it before). It took me a while to figure it out though. Initially, I was thinking that it was just the COVID hanging on, but, now, I'm thinking not. Anyway, either way, since starting the AlliBiotic CF I have experienced drastic improvement and am feeling a lot better!

Well, I better get on with this post. The day is getting away from me and I'm hoping to get my car back today, which means I may be making a trip to Lamar soon. Let's get started...shall we?

Purple Crocus

This week's master to-do list...

- Clean house
- Do laundry
- Wash bedding
- Pick car up from the auto shop
- Have tires rotated and balanced
- Pick up a few things at the store
- Work on a new craft project
- Celebrate Purim (read through the book of Esther, make Hamantaschen (Haman's Hat Cookies), and watch One Night With The King)
- Keep up with Iditarod 2023 
- Work

Iditarod 2023

This week's menu plan...

Menu plan ideas for this week include...

- Pork loin with sweet potato and fresh asparagus
- Turkey burger with oven fries
- Chicken pot pie with drop biscuits on top
- Green chili burrito with black beans and rice
- Homemade pizza
- Steak burger with grilled onion, green pepper, and potato
- Leftovers

Last Night's Full Moon

Well, that's it for today! You have a beautiful day and a great week ahead!

Until next time...

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  1. Thanks for the review of the Ancestry DNA, I've always been tempted by it. Also, thank you for mentioning the Allibiotic CF, going to order some as I think I have a touch of something bronchial (probably bronchitis that I can't quite kick). Hope you've been having a great week so far.


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