Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Tuesday Tidbits - Sunshine, Crocus, Cyber Attack, and More

Soon after posting Monday's post (in which I was greatly complaining of cloudy weather and gray skies) the clouds departed and sunshine prevailed throughout the rest of the day. It has been the same today and I am extremely thankful! 

Late-Blooming Darker Purple Crocus

I thought the crocuses were over and done with, but, this afternoon, I discovered a later-blooming, darker-shade of purple crocus blooming on the south lawn. I've never had them this color before and am thinking that they must have been in that mix of crocus that John planted for me several years ago, but this is the first time they've bloomed. Pretty!

I didn't realize it when I posted yesterday, but my blog was under cyber attack. I had no idea until a friend contacted me to tell me that she was getting an error message every time she tried to leave a comment; others contacted me to tell me that they couldn't get to the blog at all. When I got into the settings to try to find out what was going on, nothing was as it should be. I had been phished or spoofed or something or other. My IT guy (a.k.a. my youngest son) worked on it all day and finally got everything figured out and straightened out. The attack came from a Singapore IP address, but, in reality, could have come from anywhere. Anyway, safeguards have been put in place and everything is up, running, as it should be now. 

My husband and I were married on Valentine's Day. That resulted in a heart collection in the early days of our marriage. In more recent years, my husband was always searching out hearts in nature for me. Since he's been gone I've found a few myself. Every time I find one I think of him, of course, but, at the same time, I am reminded of God's love and care for me now that he's gone.

Heart-shaped Hollow Tree-Core

Well, yesterday, I was out at the park and, as I was crossing the low-water bridge headed back towards the main road, this heart-shaped, hollow, tree-core caught my attention. I thought of John and thanked God for the love and many years of friendship and marriage that we shared. I also thanked Him for His love and care for me as a widow now and I was truly grateful for the sweet reminder.

Breakfast This Morning

Then, this morning, I sat down to my breakfast of pancakes topped with blueberries and syrup. I plopped some vanilla yogurt on top and smeared it around while looking at something else. When I looked down, the yogurt was in a perfect heart-shape. In reality, it doesn't mean a thing, but, again, it reminded me of my husband and God's infinite love and care for me. It warmed my heart and made me smile. I immediately thanked God again for the reminder before eating my breakfast.

Well, I better going. I've been working on this post off and on all day in between other things. I intended to get it out much earlier. I hope that all is well with you and yours and that your Tuesday has been a good one!

Until next time...

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