Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving - Day Nineteen - Our Town And The People In It

Today I am thankful for our town and the people in it. Our town may have a "strange" past, but today it is filled with wonderful, goodhearted people that bless us just by knowing them. Most of the folks that we dealt with early on are gone now...most of them deceased...but we are thankful that the Lord brought us here when He did and that we had the pleasure of getting to know, and minister to, them before they left.


  1. I so enjoyed reading about the history of your town! How interesting! I am so glad it is a place where God dwells and His spirit can move freely now. Praise God!

  2. Thanks, Marybeth! There's no doubt that the strongholds from the past still hang around here and try to play their hand when a willing vessel comes along, but we know that Jesus is King and He reigns. Thanks for visiting! <3


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