Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving - Day Twenty - My Mother

Today I am thankful for my mother. Even though she's been gone for nearly 7 years now, the legacy that she lived lives on in those she left behind. I am thankful for all the the wonderful things that she taught me over the years...practical grind my own wheat, to cook, can, bake, raise chickens, crochet, etc...her wisdom in financial to save, spend, and stretch a dollar (even though I didn't listen to most of what she said until later on in life...but, praise God! I can still her words today!). But what I am most thankful for is my mother's love for God's Word and the love for her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that she passed down to me and John and I's children. What my mother wanted most in life was to see those that she loved loving and serving the Master so that they could spend an eternity with Him (and her) in that which is yet to come. Thanks, Mom! I love you! And I miss you! But I WILL see you again! And for THAT I am truly thankful!

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