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Book Review : Mother's Book of Home Economics by Mrs. Sharon White

Mother's Book of Home Economics by Mrs. Sharon White
I just finished reading Mother's Book of Home Economics - Remembrances, Letters and Essays From A New England Housewife  by Mrs. Sharon White and, oh! What a blessing!

Mother's Book of Home Economics is not the usual, run-of-the-mill home economics book full of 'how to' facts and tips. Rather, it is a beautiful, 121 short chapters, 312-page collection of Mrs. White's own, personal experiences in the making of a home on her family's lovely 'estate' in Vermont.

Mrs. White is a devout Christian wife, who has been married for more than 25 years. She is a mother of five, grandmother of two, and a homemaker without apology. I was filled with emotion and wonder as she shared her struggles, her hopes, her dreams, and her ability to see the work that she does in the home, not as mundane drudgery, but as a purposeful, joyful act of service to her family, and as a humble act of reverence and worship before God.

I love Mrs. White's determination to be sweet and cheerful no matter how hard times might be, and am delighted by her ability to see beauty in simplicity.

Throughout the book, Mrs. White shares godly wisdom in the areas of child care, cleaning, etiquette, finances, homemaking, hospitality, cooking, holiness, and more, and she greatly encouraged me, personally, in the areas of contentment, thrift, and living life purposefully and productively, no matter what the circumstance.

What I appreciated most, was Mrs. White's honesty concerning finances. She has, as did the Apostle Paul, learned to be abased and to abound, and to be content in whatsoever state she has found herself in. I gleaned a wealth of thought-provoking ideas from Mrs. White throughout the book, and am truly challenged to re-think and evaluate our current financial circumstances, and the stewardship of the blessings that God has bestowed upon us...AND I am challenged to use them more wisely in future.

Here are a few of my favorite lines from Mrs. White's book, Mother's Book of Home Economics ...

"If we truly realized the greatness of an eternal perspective, and cared for the home out of a sense of devotion for The Master, our will would be so strong that nothing could distract us from so great a task as tending the home." (page 152)

"The Homemaker...will find happiness in her daily tasks - make the home pleasant, because she has found a way to make the most of her circumstances. She will not get caught up in the crankiness of family members. She will not get caught up in the neighbor's gossip. She can be a bright light and a joy to those around her because she is dedicated to the ART of creating a comfortable, pretty home - with what she has. This becomes her hobby, her vocation, her calling." (page 165)

"...I will spend on that which is eternal. I will find a way to serve despite my health issues. I will not care what others say or think of me, but only care of the view from God's eyes." (page 205)

"Wherever we go, wherever we live, regardless of our circumstances, we can manage beautifully in a tent, a cabin, shack or house. We can do this with our talents and skills...It is certainly not the ideal, but we can cope and cope beautifully in most situations." (page 253)

"Now, if you came to my house and looked at the grounds, you would see something far different than I do. You would see a 3 story house that is in serious need of painting. You would see old porches and tired steps. You would see little attempts at gardening throughout the land. but the world, as I see it, is a great Estate for us to explore..." (page 270)

In a time when the Titus 2 woman is mysteriously missing, or is, at best, difficult to come by, I find that Mrs. White helps to comfortably fill that gap. I highly recommend her book to anyone who is seeking Biblical womanhood as a keeper of the home, or to anyone who just wishes to learn how to slow down and live a simpler lifestyle in our out-of-control, modern age.

To find out more visit Mrs. White @ The Legacy of Home.

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