Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama - The Journey Begins

As many of you know, I spent most of last month carrying out My Dollar-Stretching, Cabinet-Clearing, Clean-The-Food-Up Project For March. In reality, the project was two-fold. The first goal was to save money by using up the food we had on-hand, and using the money saved to take care of more immediate needs...which we did. The second goal was, as we used up the food on-hand, to start reading the Trim Healthy Mama book (that I ordered last fall) and see if I really thought I could make a go of it...and I did...and I do.

I'm still not finished reading the book in it's entirety (it's a HUGE book!), but I have read the biggest portion of it and am well on my way with familiarizing myself with the plan, learning some of the recipes, and putting them into practice. In fact, by the 20th of March we had pretty well cleared out our old food stock and, when I restocked with fresh foods on the 21st, they were all foods that were on plan and in line with the Trim Healthy Mama.

Yes, I've went on diets before. I've lost and gained...lost and gained...and regained even more, but the Trim Healthy Mama isn't a diet. It is a new (actually it's a very old) way of eating with a Biblical approach  to food, and I really feel that it is entirely doable. Even my husband (yes, my half-Sicilian husband who has to...make that had to...eat pasta up to three times a day...is reading the book with me and, for the most part, is coming on board, too. I've never seen him so willing to try new things before and I've never seen him go this long without sugar (and all those starches that turn into sugar) and be satisfied. Yes, I honestly do believe that this plan is completely doable...even in my household!

In the days ahead I hope to share my Trim Healthy Mama experiences with you here on a regular basis...my successes, my failures, favorite (and not so favorite) recipes, etc...and I am hoping that other women who are on the plan come along side and chime in, too, joining with me, and others, as we travel this journey together.

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