Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hearty Green Soup (E) and Joseph's Crackers/Chips (S, E or Fuel Pull)

THM's Hearty Green Soup and Joseph's Crackers/Chips
The Trim Healthy Mama's, Hearty Green Soup, is a large-scale soup intended for big families and company meals. According to the book, the recipe makes two meals worth of food, but, for just John and I, I made a half a recipe and it ran us for one meal a day for days, plus we had company join us on one of those days. The recipe may be found on page 334 of the Trim Healthy Mama, and you can use your own judgment as to whether to make a whole recipe or a half. That is totally up to you.  The recipe is absolutely delicious and very economical. This is definitely a soup that I will make again and again. (In fact...I've got a pot of split peas cooking right now!)

On several of the days that we ate this soup for lunch or supper, I served it with Joseph's Crackers/Chips (page 394 in the book). These crackers/chips are very good and have totally taken the place of tortilla chips in our home. They're also very quick and easy to make, and you can have a batch made up from start to finish in just a couple of minutes.

(Note: I have made the chips both ways...using pita bread and lavash...and, both are equally good. When using the pita bread, I cut them in half, then separate the two halves, so, when I cut them, I get 8 good-sized triangles out of each original half instead of just four. When using the lavash bread, I use a half a piece, then cut that half in half again and cut diagonally creating the desired, triangle, tortilla chip-shaped pieces. Very yummy! And, since I didn't have any paper plates on hand, I made mine on a regular plate linesd with parchment paper.)

I hope you enjoy trying these recipes out. They're both very good and totally nutritious!

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  1. I do like the Hearty Green Soup. Have you tried the red yet?

  2. Yes! I like the Hearty Red Soup as much, if not more, than the green. I keep a half batch of both made up at all times and am switching off, one or the other, for lunch or supper every day. We really like them both! <3

  3. Are you really suppose to be sharing recipes out of the book on public sights? I can understand recipes that they share and other recipes that people make up,but I do not think it is appropriate to copy out of the book. The book needs to be bought. Just my 2 cents worth...there are so many other recipes that aren't in the book that could be shared.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      You are correct. When I first posted the recipes, in my zeal and excitement, I wasn't thinking about someone purchasing the book or not purchasing and, at that time, I didn't know that there were recipes outside of the book. I only wanted to share what I had made and enjoyed. I have updated the post by referring to page numbers in the book and have removed the actual recipes. Thank you for sharing your 2 cents worth. You've opened my eyes to something that, otherwise, I would never have thought about. Constructive criticism accepted and appreciated. God bless you!



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