Saturday, November 17, 2018

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 17 - My Job

Today I am thankful for my job and for the opportunities and extra income that it has provided (and continues to provide), as well as the knowledge and skills that I have picked up along the way, as I head into another year of service.

I started at Prairie State Park in June of 2014 as a secretary. When a new manager came in 2015 she didn't need a secretary, but kept me on as a seasonal naturalist and started sending me to every available training. (Most seasonal naturalists come in at the beginning of summer, put their time in, and are gone by the time school starts back up in the fall; my job is unique in that I work two or three days a week year-round.) As a naturalist my job is focused on interpretation and educating others about life on the tallgrass prairie. This includes the plant and animal species that make up the prairie ecosystem, as well as the history of the Native American people (the Osage) that lived and hunted there before European settlement. 

To me, I have THE BEST job in this part of the country and I love it! I mean...come on! How many people get to spend their days right in the middle of the country on a 4,000 acre, tallgrass prairie with a herd of BISON??? 😃

This picture was taken through the big window on the east side of the nature
center me tell doesn't get any better than this! 💗

I truly am thankful for the opportunities working at Prairie State Park has wrought and for the people that I have had the privilege of working with, meeting, and interacting with through it. God has truly blessed me in, and through, this job and I appreciate it! 💗

Until next time,


  1. Hi Rebecca~

    I ran across your blog at, Mountain Top Spice. What an fun job, I can't imagine working is such a gorgeous place everyday, you are so lucky. The picture of the Bison is amazing! I live in South Eastern Idaho, not too far from Yellowstone Park, so I see Bison sometimes, but that one is up close and personal!

    Fun Blog! Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. So glad you found me, Barb! It's good to meet you! And, yes! A very fun job! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Blessings! <3


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