Sunday, November 25, 2018

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 25 - My Maids

Today I'm thankful for, what I refer to as, "my maids" (a.k.a. modern day appliances and conveniences that we take for granted every day). 

I often think, especially on days when I'm super busy and have several things going on at once, about how many people (or hours) it would take to do the jobs that my machines are doing for me.

My laundress (the washer) and her crew (the dryer) are taking care of the laundry, while the baker (the bread machine) kneads the dough that I will later shape into French loaves and bake in the oven (that didn't need a single stick of wood to be cut and kindled in order to heat it).

The refrigerator and freezer keeps things cold without the effort of having to tote things back and forth to a spring, or to cut blocks of ice from a frozen pond in winter, and stacking and insulating them in thick sawdust in some ice-house somewhere, in hopes of having ice in summer. Everything is kept nice and cold (or frozen) by simply keeping the machine plugged in and setting the temperature where we want it.

Then there's the microwave, the hot-air popcorn popper, the toaster, the food processor (oh! the food processor! how much work has that machine saved me over the years???? 😲), the blender, and the list goes on and on.

All of these modern day conveniences are things we use every day, but seldom think much least not most of the time anyway...but, do we realize that all of the things that these machines do for us are things that our grandmothers and grandfathers...great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers...had to, either do by-hand themselves, depend on someone else to do for them (if they could afford it), or do without? Do we realize just how hard people had to work, up until the last few decades, just to live?

On one hand, yes, these things are definitely blessings for which I am so very thankful! On the other hand, though, I suddenly realize that these things may very well be part of what is wrong with our world today...especially here in the United States where we are blessed and spoiled beyond measure. Perhaps our modern day appliances and conveniences  have left us without enough work turning us into a nation that lives to be entertained. 😕 It's sure something to think about! 

Until next time,
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