Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Spotlight on Grandma's Postcards - State of Kansas

Be it as a girl growing up in Jackson County, Missouri or living here, now, in Barton County, Missouri, I have never lived more than a few miles away from the Kansas border my entire life. 

If you've read any of the previous posts that feature my grandmother's postcards, you might have noticed that throughout her lifetime, she lived in, or near, several Kansas towns...McPherson, Elyria, Inman, Moundridge, and Stockton to name a few. In fact, my dad was born at Stockton and we still have family that lives there today.

State Of Kansas
This week I'm sharing this lovely postcard found in my grandmother's collection. As you can see, it features a lady in a red dress, wearing a beautiful hat, and carrying a parasol. In her other hand she is holding the Kansas state flower...a sunflower. 

On the back, the card is addressed to my grandmother, Mrs. Maude Brown, Elyria, Kansas. It is from her sister, Jessie, and is dated April 5, 1914 (my grandmother's 19th birthday).

Aunt Jessie says...

"Maude, I will send you this card for your birthday. You will have to excuse me for not writing sooner. I will send you something for your birthday sooner or later. I hope to see you soon. What are you going to have for Easter? We are going to have eggs. I will send Clifford something later on. When is Wiley's birthday? From your sister far away, Jessie McCann"

Clifford was Grandma's first-born child (my dad's oldest brother) and Wiley, of course, was my grandfather.

While the message itself isn't that interesting, the card is are these sunflowers growing outside our backdoor right now...

I'm any of my readers live in Kansas? If so, in what part of the state?

Until next time...

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  2. I presently live close to Topeka in the northeast corner of the state. Born in Wichita but grew up in southwest Kansas in Liberal. Moved to Marion when almost 19. Lived in Marion which is close to McPherson, got married and returned to Wichita. From there it was to Oklahoma then back to Liberal, off to Hugoton, once again Liberal and finally off to Omaha, Nebraska back to Liberal. Texas, back to Kansas in Marion. Off to Oklahoma again and back to Kansas. Here I iz. Clear as mud. grins. I'm sure this is TMI.


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