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Spotlight On Grandma's Postcards - Through The Years

In Grandma's postcards there is a whole collection of pretty cards with shiny gold backgrounds that feature various bouquets of flowers and have little poems and sayings on them. 

The cards come from different people, but most are from my grandmother's girlhood friend, Fannie Sullivan.

Today I'm sharing a few of the ones that really caught my eye.

In this one, Fannie writes:

"Hello, Maude! - How are you don't think I have forgot you for not writing sooner for I have been sick for some time. It is awful muddy here we had a big rain last night. I am not going to school this year. Will close ans [answer] soon. I will try and write sooner next - time. Fannie S."

There are two identical ones of this postcard and both are from Fannie. Apparently, they were written less than a year apart.
As you can see, the first postcard is written and addressed in Fannie's delicate and fanciful girlhood scroll...

The card is addressed to Miss Maude McCann, Inman, Kansas, R #1 Box 46 in care of Thearlo [Thurlow] Brown and is postmarked, I think, June 8,1911

(Thurlow was my grandfather's brother, so I'm guessing that this card was sent, in care of him, about the time that Grandpa and Grandma were getting married, which was, indeed, in 1911.)

In this card Fannie says, "Dear Maud - Recd [Received] your card was sure glad to hear from you the card was awful pretty I have been picking and stemming goose berries to sell we have put up 10 gallon hope you like your place to stay I want to go to town Sat [Saturday] to get me a new dress and white bonnet will close ans [answer] soon Fannie S."
The second card is addressed to Mrs. Wiley Brown, Moundridge, Kansas and is postmarked February 5, 1912. In it, Fannie's handwriting is still neat, but more mature. She says...

"Hello, Maudi - How are you? hope you are well by now. I have an awful cold and [am] about sick too. Reccd [Received] your pictures and certainly appreciated them many thanks they were sure natural of you both we are having awful cold weather will close ans [answer] soon. Your F [Friend] Fannie S."
By the time Grandma received this card both friends had married and grandma had a baby.

The card is postmarked May 3rd (I can't tell in what year) and it says...

"Dear Maud - How are you all by now we are sure having winter here today I have about 75 little ducks My garden is not growing very fast we are going to have our pictures taken soon as we go to town now. How is the baby? Write soon with Love Your old Friend, Fannie Morris."
This card is addressed to Mrs. Wiley Brown, Elyria, Kansas and is postmarked September 23, 1915. In it, Fannie says...

"Dear Maude - guess you think I am dead but am still living. I have been so busy canning and drying apples just neglected writing. I was certainly sorry to hear of Inez's (?) death her poor mother thinks of her has had her share of trouble guess you are putting up fruit how is the children? by now I guess they are lots of company to you write soon Your Friend, Fannie"

As you can see, over the few years represented in these postcards, the topics of Fannie's conversation had changed from not going to school, buying new dresses and pretty bonnets, and picture-taking to unusually cold weather, baby ducks, gardening, canning, drying, and raising children...the typical life of a Kansas farm of which I'm proud to say that my grandmother, Maudie, (and her friend, Fannie) both were!

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