Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Tuesday 4 Meme - Dream Time ~ Have You Ever

Hosted by Toni

Greetings, Dear Friends! 

I'm joining Toni over at Tuesday 4 Meme! Here are this week's questions...

Dream Time ~ Have You Ever...

1.   Danced At A Ball? 

I can't say that I've danced at, what I would consider, a ball, but many years ago I did dance in high school gymnasiums, dance studios (believe it or not...I took disco lessons back in the day), and other such places. Does that count? (Today I dance in my kitchen!) 💃

2.   Flown A Kite?
Yes! My grandpa and grandma used to get me a new kite just about every year. My aunts were better at flying their kites than I was at flying mine, but I still had a lot of fun trying...and...on those rare occasions when I could actually get it up and keep it there...what a thrill! 

3.   Strolled Hand In Hand Along The Seashore?

Yes! At the National Seashore on North Padre Island @ Corpus Christi, Texas. What a beautiful place! 🐚

4.   Sat On A Park Bench People Watching?

Yes, but not deliberately. I have sat on park benches and have watched people walk by while I was sitting there, but I wasn't sitting there just for that purpose. 

Until next time...
~ Rebecca

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  1. Parts of your seashore look very much like my favorite picnicking spot with the dunes and grasses. Very pretty.

    1. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Blessings! <3

  2. I have never been to Padre Island. I live by the New Jersey seashore but never gotten to the Texas shore. I hope I do get to one day. I know the pictures are very lovely.

    1. I've never been east at all, Annie...no further than Alton, Illinois, which is just across the Mississippi from St. Louis...but I have a friend that was born and raised in New Jersey and she has fond memories of the seashore there. Perhaps someday I will get to experience what you and she both know so well. Blessings! <3

  3. I just love kites! How neat to get a new one each year. Loved your answers! Have a nice Tuesday!


    1. Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment, Lori! Blessings! <3


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