Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Spotlight on Grandma's Postcards - Happy...Independence Day???

Last night I went through Grandma's postcards in search of one that would be appropriate for the nearest holiday...which, of course, is Independence Day tomorrow...but, much to my chagrin, I didn't find a single one. 

This is as close as I could get...

Happy...Independence Day??? 😳
Yes...that is a Thanksgiving card...but, hey! Hurrah for the red, white, and blue and Uncle Sam...right??? 🦅 I works! Doesn't it? 😃 

This card is actually addressed to my grandfather, Mr. Wiley Brown, Inman, Kansas. There is a stamp with a line crossed through it, but no postmark.

The message says...

"Wiley - Thurlow will be here Thursday 
at 5 in the evening. Be sure and come spend 
Christmas. Come Friday if you can. 
Good bye from..."

...and the signature of the sender looks as though it's been erased. 😕

I do know that Thurlow was one of my grandfather's brothers, so I'm guessing that this is from some relative on that side of the family...perhaps from another of Grandpa Wiley's siblings or maybe even his mother. I don't know. Another mystery, but that's okay! It's a great postcard regardless!

I love the way that Uncle Sam is giving up his crown and scepter to the "Ruler of the Day"...the great all-American wild turkey! BUT...only for a day, mind you! 😆

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin actually wanted the wild turkey to be our national symbol instead of the American bald eagle? Not as majestic, for sure, but, definitely an American icon! 🦃

Until next time...

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  2. I love the vintage card! I have very few things like that from my grandparents and I cherish all of them so much.

    1. Yes, I, too, cherish these things, Felicia. My dad inherited all the things that his older siblings didn't want. In fact, these postcards, along with all of Grandma's pictures, were rescued out of the trash pile when the others were done going through things and picking out what they wanted. In reality, my dad (and I, in turn) turned out with the best of what my grandmother had...her dearest and most closely treasured memories. Blessings, Sweet Lady! Thanks for stopping in. <3


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