Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hearth and Home Notes - 4/2/11 (Part 2)

Wow! Two HEARTH AND HOME NOTES in one day! That's a first! LOL!

I've got all the bedding done and it's hanging out on the line to dry. I just started my first load of clothing. After that I've just got whites and towels left to go, then the laundry will be done.

I've also organized the pantry and all of this week's coupon buys and have the bedrooms and bathroom done. Next comes the livingroom, then the kitchen and back porch.

For lunch I decided to make fish and chips (ds has a fish allergy and it makes his lips and face swell up like a big balloon and he can't breathe. That's always fun, so I don't make it anymore when he is home). Anyway, dd told me that Dillon's in Pittsburg sells these HUGE bags of wild-caught cod and salmon, so I bought a bag of each. The cod is what I chose to make today. I baked it in the oven with lemon, light salt, and black pepper, and made oven-baked cottage fries to go with it (potatoes sliced into rounds, drizzled with olive oil, and baked @ 450 degrees until tender and slightly brown). I baked it all on one tray and by the time dh got home from Dad's a late lunch was ready. I served the fish on bread with tarter sauce (a little Miracle Whip with dd's home-canned relish mixed in with it) and the fries with ketchup. Delicious and filling!

Fish and Chips - Before Baking

Fish and Chips - After Baking

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