Thursday, April 21, 2011


Here's a song that I wrote back in 1990. I know that you all can't "hear" the tune, but I thought that you might enjoy the words. God bless! And Happy Resurrection Day! ~Rebecca


They placed a scarlett robe around Him
A crown of thorns upon His head
They mocked and spit upon Him
Then to crucify away they led
Upon His cross was written words
This is how they read
"Jesus, the King of the Jews!"


He is risen!
He is risen!
Oh, yes, my Savior's risen!
He's washed me white as snow
Salvation to me He's shown
He is risen!
He is risen!
Oh, yes, my Savior's risen!
"Jesus, the King of  the Jews!"

Two thieves were crucified with Him
One on either side
Darkness fell across the land
In the ninth hour Jesus cried,
"My God! My God! My Father, Thee!
Why hast thou forsaken Me?"
"Jesus, the King of the Jews!"


After three days of mourning
The death of my Lord
An angel did appear
And rolled the stone away
Behold! Behold!
Where Jesus had lay
The tomb was found empty
Upon that blessed day!
Jesus Christ is King!


Copywrite 1990
Words and Music by Rebecca Knox

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