Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life With Lily

Thought some of you might enjoy viewing these photos of life with Lily...

Audrey, Silas, and Lily on Sunday Morning
Amber Feeds Lily Her Morning Bottle

Lily and Churchill Take A Nap Together

Silas and Lily After A Hard Day's Play


  1. Oh my gosh that is so cute! Does Lily really stay in the house? Is she trained? My kids better not see this, they'll want one too. LOL!

  2. Yes, for now Lily really stays in the house. (It won't be for long, though, I'm sure!) She wears a diaper, takes a bottle, and is just one of the! LOL! From what I understand she was one of triplets, and her momma could only take care of two babies. That's how she ended up being taken away at such a young age. As of Sunday she still had her umbellical cord! She sure is a sweetie! I told my daughter today that Lily is my grandlamb and I'm her grand-maaaaaa! LOL!


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