Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Using Up Leftovers - Recipe - VEGETABLE LAMB SOUP

Vegetable Lamb Soup

Saturday night we celebrated our Shabbet/Passover meal and, of course, Sunday was Resurrection Sunday, and I had plenty of leftovers from both...lamb from Saturday night and fresh vegetables from Sunday. I had even saved all the vegetable ends that had been trimmed away from the vegetables when making Sunday's vegetable tray. I just bagged them all up in one Ziploc bag and saved them back for use later. So...since today was damp and chilly, I decided to just put them altogether and make a nice VEGETABLE LAMB SOUP!

I started with the vegetable ends that I had cut away and saved. There were the ends that I had cut away from several large carrots and a half stalk of celery, a broccoli stem or two, the leaves and center core from a huge head of cauliflower, the top and core of a green pepper, and even a few potato skins that I had added to the bag during the week. I boiled all of these together, then drained them to create a nice vegetable broth. The cooked vegetable ends were cooled and tossed out for the chickens to enjoy.

Next, I added a bottle of tomato juice. We have been blessed with several large bottles of it lately, and I thought this might be an interesting way to use some of it up. It worked beautifully!

To this I added most of the leftover vegetables that I had chopped for Sunday's vegetable tray...broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, well as several cubed potatoes and a handful of fresh cut cabbage. I also cut the leftover lamb into small pieces and added it, and threw in a handful of pearled barley. For seasoning I added salt, pepper, thyme, and several beef bouillon cubes.

The soup turned out delicious and I served a nice, crusty loaf of homemade French bread to go with it. It was a hit and there's enough leftover for lunch again tomorrow!

Speaking of lambs  (I just have to throw this in) here's a picture of our grandchildren's new little lamb, Lily. She joined us for dinner Sunday...NOT as the main course, but as our guest. Isn't she cute in her diaper??? She's so precious! The whole family just loves her! And, yes, she's in the house...most of the time...for now.


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