Sunday, April 3, 2011

Walgreen's Savings - 4/3/11

I just got back from my first Walgreen's shopping trip ever. I don't know that I did exceptionally well, but I know I saved big on Scott brand toilet tissue. I normally purchase 9-roll packages at Dollar General for $6.75. I was pleased to see in this week's paper that they were on sale for $6.00. Then I saw the Walgreen's ad. They had 12-roll packages of Scott brand toilet tissue on sale with their own coupon for $6.99. That means that instead of paying 75 cents per roll, I only paid 58 cents per roll. I got the limit of 2 packages. My total purchase today cost $32.50 and I saved $28.50.

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  1. That is a good deal on TP. I remember when you could get TP for 0.25 per roll. Those were the good old days. ;)


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