Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hearth and Home Notes - 4/2/11

I am enjoying one of those deliciously rare moments when I'm alone in the house (after 22 years of homeschooling it doesn't happen often)! Ds spent the night at his sister's and dh is away helping my dad with a project this morning. I am sitting here having ham and provolone on a mini whole-wheat bagel and a cup of tea before digging into today's tasks.

There's so much to do that I hardly know where to begin...the fridge needs cleaned, I've got a mountain of bedding to wash (THAT I've already got started), every room of the house needs do the sheds, garage, and chicken house, the yard needs does our other property across town, and the list goes on and on. It is now that I need to slow down, prayerfully make a list, pace myself, roll up my sleeves, set to work, do what I can, and not worry about the rest. It will all get taken care of in due time...and, if it doesn''s not the end of the world. I need to just take one thing at a time and do all in God's timing...not my own.

I do have a couple of praise reports...

1) My dad is doing very well. It's hard to believe that just a few days ago the doctor was telling us how amazed she was that, after operating at such a low percentage of oxygen for so long, that he was still alive and able to talk about it...and, now, he's up and out and about. It's wonderful! God is so good! Dad was even able to go to Lamar and play in his band at the nursing home this week! THAT is awesome! (That's always the measure of how well my dad really is or is not...if he's still playing music, all is well with the world. :)

2) We just paid off another credit card! Praise the Lord! That's one less bill to pay each month and all the extra that we were paying on that one will now go towards the balance of the next one. Now we can really start snowballing our debt!

I want out from under the credit cards as soon as possible. Truth is, a few years ago we were headed towards it, when everything went haywire and we've never recovered. We found ourselves in situations that were beyond our control and we had to do what we had to to in order to make everything come together. In just a short time our savings was wiped out and our credit cards were the only thing keeping us afloat with gasoline, home repairs, etc. BUT we finally got to a point a few months ago where we had to say, "We just can't do this anymore!" We put a plan in motion and, hard as it's been, we've pretty much stuck to it. There have been a couple of times we've HAD to put gasoline or home repairs, etc. on the card, but we've worked towards getting those things paid right back off of there and, so far, so good! Anyway, with the pay-off of this card, it gives us hope for the future and we know that our plan (actually, I believe that it is God's plan) is working! Again...praise the Lord!

Well, I better get busy! My bagel is gone, as is the tea, and the first load of bedding is ready to be hung out on the line. You all have a beautiful weekend and I'll be with you again soon. God bless all who read this!

All My Love,

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