Tuesday, October 3, 2017

31 Days of the Joys of Autumn - Aw, Nuts! And Mums The Word

I was invited by my daughter and grandchildren to go with them to choir and play practice this afternoon. I had never been, and our schedules conflict to the point anymore that we hardly ever get to go anywhere or do anything together, so, since I was off today and didn't have to be anywhere or do anything else, which is rare, I took them up on the offer. 

We left much earlier than needed because there were a few other things that we were wanting to do while we were out and about. For starters we headed out to a gravel road in the country and picked up the first of this year's black walnut crop.
Collecting Black Walnuts Along a Country Road
Black Walnuts In The Ditch
Silas (a.k.a. "The Walnut Tycoon") With a Bag of Black Walnuts
Isaiah, Esther, and Mercy With Part of This Afternoon's Find
After that, we headed on up to the bluffs to check out mosses, lichens, mushrooms, and acorns...all of which are just beautiful right now...especially after a rain. 

Next on our list was to attend the grand re-opening of Ice Cream Escape in Nevada, Missouri. Some friends of ours bought it and we were so excited to visit them on the first day in their new business! We started out with ice cream 🍨 and ended up staying for lunch 🍔! And, while it wasn't THM friendly, it was absolutely amazing, and was made with the best and healthiest ingredients available, so, I didn't fret about it. I just enjoyed it! 😊

And, then...THEN...we visited a little garden center there in town and wow! They had the biggest pots of mums that I've ever seen and the red ones were only $8.00 each! 
Mums In A Variety of Color at the Garden Center in Nevada
There were lots of other colors of mums, too, but only the reds were on sale, so, that's what we got. 
Mums In A Variety of Color at the Garden Center in Nevada
I want to plant mine and, hopefully establish them as annual fall flower at the new house.

The Red Mums That Came Home With Us
After the garden center we finally made it to choir and play practice, then to the store, and home. All in all it was a perfectly wonderful (and rainy) day to enjoy the joys of autumn!

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