Wednesday, October 11, 2017

31 Days of the Joys of Autumn - Pumpkins and Pumpkin Patches

Grandlittles Silas, Isaiah, Esther, Audrey,
and Mercy at the Pumpkin Patch

While visiting the Louisburg Cider Mill on Sunday, we, not only went through their corn maze, but through their 10-acre pumpkin patch as well.

Pumpkins Growing in the Pumpkin Patch

None of us had ever seen so many pumpkins growing in one place in our lives!

Miss Mercy and a Giant Pumpkin
There were big pumpkins and little pumpkins and every sized pumpkin in between!

There were regular pumpkins...

...and fancy stacking pumpkins

Isaiah and the Pumpkin of His Choice

Big pumpkin or small...regular or fancy...pumpkins and pumpkin patches are among the many joys of autumn!

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