Monday, October 9, 2017

31 Days of the Joys of Autumn - The Louisburg Cider Mill

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We were first introduced to the Louisburg Cider Mill by our next-to-the-youngest son and his family a few years ago, and have been wanting to visit again ever since.

The Louisburg Cider Mill officially began business in 1977 when the family that owned it sold their first jug of apple cider at their little roadside stand. By the following fall people couldn't wait for the seasonal business to re-open. 

Louisburg Cider Mill's Famous Cider Donuts - Photo Credit
A November 1978 article in the Kansas City Times raved about the cider and donuts and encouraged all of Kansas City to venture out and experience this unique place, and the rest is history. The Louisburg Cider Mill celebrated its 40th year in business this year.

Today the Louisburg Cider Mill produces not only cider and their delicious cider donuts, but fruit butters, beverages, and a whole host of other interesting and unique items that are sold through their Country Store.

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In addition to the mill and store, there is a 70-acre farm and orchard on the property where, every year, the Louisburg Cider Mill hosts it's annual Ciderfest.

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Yesterday our oldest daughter, son-in-law, and their family, John and I, and my cousin, Dave visited the mill and got in on some of their annual fall festivities. I didn't get many pictures at the mill itself, but have several pictures of other things that I plan on sharing over the next couple of days or so. 

Cider Donuts Making Their Way Down the
Conveyor Belt to Be Sold in the Country Store
This is the second time that John and I have had the pleasure of visiting the Louisburg Cider Mill and I highly recommend it anyone who is looking for a well-rounded and all encompassing autumn experience.
Pumpkins and Mums in Front of the Country Store
The Louisburg Cider Mill and Country Store is located at 14730 K68 Highway near Lousiburg Kansas. The store is open seven days a week year round.

The Grandlittles Enjoying Cider and Donuts
For our family, the Louisburg Cider Mill is definitely considered one of the joys of autumn!

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  1. We haven't been out that way in a while, looks like you had fun. Of course, I'm a bit partial to my Stephenson's apple cider although it does get a bit harder to find each year since they've closed.

  2. Oh, my! Stephenson's is what I grew up on, Jean, but I've not seen a jug of it in close to 25 years. I didn't know they still made it, but I'd sure like to run into some sometime. I wonder where they're making it now?


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