Thursday, December 13, 2018

Blogmas 2018 - Day 13 - Wrapping Ideas

Wrapping Paper

I had to work today and, here it is...7:00 p.m....and I am just now getting around to working on today's post! Tomorrow probably won't be much better. I don't have to work tomorrow, but it is dh's birthday and we'll be gone all day. So...nothing fancy, but here goes! 😉

Tamy's selected topic for today is wrapping paper ideas

The best wrapping tip I can offer is, if you're going to use store-bought wrapping paper, go shopping for next year's wrapping paper the day after Christmas this year. We've done that for years now and last year's prices were so good that we won't have to buy wrapping paper for several years to come. It's worth it to buy a plastic bin that the wrapping paper will fit in to preserve and store it in, too! 

I'm also a big fan of those pretty bags that you can get to put odd-shaped things in and look for those when they're on mark-down, as well. I also save bags received and recycle them, as well as big sheets of wrapping paper, tissue paper, and bows. 

Other wrapping ideas...

- To be honest, nearly anything you have can be recycled and used creatively to wrap gifts...paper, newsprint, fabric, cardboard containers, and boxes. 

- Save and break-down all those boxes that your on-line purchases arrive in. They can be reconstructed when needed, taped with packing tape, and reused throughout the year to pack gifts in to be wrapped or mailed.

- Recycle brown paper bags from the grocery store and use them for wrapping paper by cutting them down one edge and cutting away the bottom. Brown paper can be decorated in a variety of ways...stamps, stickers, paper snowflakes...and wrapped with twine. Very pretty!

- Scraps of material can be stitched up and made into a drawstring bag for bottles and other odd-shaped items.

- Use a bit of natural-colored twine and items found in nature such as winter wildflowers, pine cones, and seed pods to dress up plain packages. These can even be spray-painted gold or silver, if you'd like!

Well..that's all I've got for today! 

Until next time...

*Joining in with Jean over at So Not Organized and linking up with Tamy over at Chasing My Life for Blogmas 2018

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  1. I absolutely agree with your advice for store bought paper! Ironically I saw a 5 roll combo pack in an antique store yesterday that had to be 40 years old in the original cellophane packaging! GREAT tips for making your own.

    :( Sorry I do NOT know why that link keeps breaking! I go in and fix it and it seems fine. I linked you up.

  2. Oh, wow! Did you buy the 5 roll combo pack? What a fun find! Thanks for linking me up again. I have no idea what's going on with it. Worked fine in the beginning. Appreciate all that you do! <3

  3. Those are all great tips and ideas. Sounds like you are having a pretty busy week as well. Hope you husband has a very Happy Birthday tomorrow!

  4. Thanks, Jean! And, yes, very busy with lots going on. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I will pass them on! <3

  5. I've put gifts into reused wooden clementine boxes one year. They can be reused again for storing stuff under a sink etc.

  6. An excellent idea! Thank you, Kristina! :)

  7. You can always get Hobby Lobby paper for at least 40% off with coupon or often on sale for 50% off. It ran $8 last year for a big roll. I bought it for $4. I buy the paper in prints that can be used after Christmas during the year. Last year it was red with white polka dots.

  8. That's a great idea, Laura! Thanks for sharing! <3


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