Saturday, December 15, 2018

Blogmas 2018 - Day 15 - Stocking Stuffers

Over the years I've not been too creative when it comes to the stuffing of the stockings...usually just the traditional orange in the toe with nuts, candy, and a small gift item or two...and that's about it. 

I find it interesting to learn that some people think about, and collect, stocking stuffers all year long. Perhaps I will remember that throughout the new year and be super prepared to stuff someone's stocking come next Christmas. Time will tell!

In the is a list of stocking stuffer ideas that I have used (or have seen used) over the years...

For Dad…

a gift card or gift certificate to one of his favorite stores or services 

* breath mints in a tin box

* golf tees

* travel-sized toiletry items

* disposable razors

* pens

* pocket-sized daily planner

For Mom…

* a gift card or gift certificate to one of her favorite stores or services

* lavender drawer liners

* perfume

* jewelry

* travel-size toiletry items

* candles

* knee high stockings or hosiery

For a young adult…


* gift cards

* gift certificates for movies, music, or food

* phone cards

* batteries

* stamps

* rolls of quarters for laundry

* lip balm

* make-up

* fingernail polish

For a child…

* small flashlights

* travel-size board games

* coloring books and crayons

* art supplies

* stickers

* candy 

* bubble gum

* tiny toys (matchbox cars, miniature dolls or stuffed animals, play jewelry)

These are a few ideas that I've thought of over the years. What's some of yours?

Until next time, 

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  1. I collect stocking items early starting in September or so because it seems like my kids' Christmas stockings are lots bigger than the ones I remember from when I was kid. It's fun though :) Love the idea of putting the traditional orange in the toe. What about a chocolate orange? Have you heard of those? It's wrapped up and you have to whack it on the counter and then, it breaks into orange flavored chocolate slices?

  2. Oh, Jean! Chocolate oranges are one of my favorites and my husband usually gets me one every year...and, yes, I never thought of that as stocking stuffer! That would be a great one! Thanks for the idea! Christmas blessings! <3

  3. I think you are VERY creative - that's a GREAT list of things! Sounds like you do really WONDERFUL stockings.

    LOL, my hubby used to always get me a chocolate orange too as well as other fun chocolates to fill my stocking. He's a bit beside himself for ideas this year since I can no longer have sugar after this last surgery. This will be a challenge this year for me.

  4. Thanks, Tamy! Have you tried the Russell Stover's Sugar-Free Chocolates? My husband gets those for me, too. There are several that I really like.

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  6. Every year my mom would put in the traditional orange, nuts, and candy cane. Also a hair brush, with three girls there was never a hairbrush. We always got a new toothbrush, some socks, little useful things. Now I follow the same tradition with a hairbrush, toothbrush, chocolate orange. I gather marked down things all year that I find. I think as adults the kids love the stockings the most. I know my in-laws like our stocking tradition. But I will not get into this stocking stuffers under $50.00 club. I mean really?

  7. Yes! Useful things are good! Stocking stuffers under $50.00 club? What is THAT??? :O


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