Monday, December 17, 2018

Blogmas 2018 - Day 17 - Cookies and Desserts

I'm afraid that this post is going to be a bit redundant. I have already shared the recipes for all that I'm about to post, but, since cookies and desserts are today's topic, and since I'm in the middle of my Christmas candy- and cookie-making, I decided to just share my day with you and hope it's okay.

Today I worked on candies. I started out with Teddy Bear S'more Bark.

The recipe calls for two boxes of Baker's Semi-Sweet Chocolate, mini-marshmallows, and Teddy Graham's. Well...I got all of that, but didn't realize that I had gotten Teddy Graham's "Outdoor Discoveries" instead of regular Teddy Grahams. I didn't even know that they made the "Outdoor Discoveries" which are really cool and would make great snacks for programs at work, but, for what I was doing, I really needed just the teddy bears.

So, in the first part of the recipe (the part that you mix up in the chocolate), I used the mix that came in the box as was (flowers, leaves, lady bugs, bees, and butterflies, as well as, teddy bears), but to decorate the top, I went through the box and picked out just the teddy bears.

After cooling in the fridge, I cut the s'more bark into squares and put them in individual, mini, paper, cupcake liners. I think they turned out pretty cute! 🐻

Next, I made a double batch of brigadeiros.

Before I started I laid out the chocolate sprinkles, two buttered plates (to cool the candy on), individual paper liners, and butter for my hands.

I think that this batch of brigadeiros turned out better than the last batch. I really like them with just the chocolate sprinkles on them as opposed to the red and green ones with white snowflakes like last time. What do you think?
Tomorrow I work on sugar cookies

Until next time...

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