Thursday, December 27, 2018

Good THURSDAY Morning!

Good morning, Dear Readers! 💗

I tell you what! With the 25 days of Blogmas 2018 following right on the heels of 30 Days of Thanksgiving, I felt like something was missing yesterday when I didn't post anything all day long! 😧 Of course, you all probably enjoyed the break of not hearing from me for a change! 😆

So, how are you spending this time between Christmas and New Year's Day? Have you started taking down your Christmas decorations yet? Did you get in on any post-Christmas shopping yesterday?

I haven't started taking any of our decorations down yet, but only because I haven't had time. I'm chomping at the bit to get started on it, so I can start deep-cleaning!

I did get in on a little post-Christmas shopping yesterday. I had taken my friend grocery shopping, and she and I both needed birdseed...and, of course, to get to the birdseed, I had to walk right through the middle of the Christmas shop...and, of course, I got sidetracked there, but only momentarily. The only thing I really needed for next year was Christmas cards and a couple of packages of bows...both of which I ended up purchasing at 50% off. 

While looking at Christmas cards, someone bumped me with their cart. I looked up to find one of my daughters-in-law standing there. I said, "What are you doing?" She said, "Same thing you are!" and we both laughed. We both liked the same two boxes of cards so she got one and I got the other and we agreed on which ones to exchange in 2019! It was hilarious! 😆 

I love hitting the post-Christmas mark-down events like that. Last year I bought enough wrapping paper to last us, literally, for years and I keep it in one of those containers that is specifically designed for wrapping paper (it looks like a big, red trashcan). 

Wrapping Paper Container
Anyway, I just wanted to stop and say, "Hello!" before taking off to today's appointment. I missed visiting with you guys yesterday! You all have a great day and I'll see you again soon! 😉

Until next time,

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  1. I thought it felt strange not to post yesterday as well! Of course, I spent the entire day in my pajamas. Might have done a little on-line shopping but not much. It was so rainy here, didn't motivate me for much. My son went out and did some shopping (that Christmas money burns holes in their pockets doesn't it?) and said it was a little crowded but not bad. Glad you found some Christmas cards in your bargain shopping.

  2. I used to do the after Christmas mark downs, but not anymore. Our household is smaller now, with one kiddo home. I'll admit I miss getting a deal for a good start to the next year's holidays. I'm relaxing and doing laundry today.

  3. That sounds wonderful, Jean! I don't know when I last spent an entire day in my pajamas. I need to plan a day to do just that!!! We didn't get the rain until last night and it came in buckets. Today the wind sounds like it's about the tear the house down. Hope you're having a great Thursday! <3

    A day relaxing sounds wonderful, Kristina! I've had Christmas Day off, but it's been back to business as usual and on the go ever since. Next week promises to be a little quieter. We'll see. Blessings for a great rest of the week and weekend! <3


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