Sunday, December 23, 2018

Blogmas 2018 - Day 23 - The Christmas Dinner Menu

As my children always say...Merry Christmas-Eve Eve! I hope you're having a great one! 💗

Okay...I'm going to post the Christmas dinner menu, BUT, keep in mind, I'm married to a man who is half-Sicilian on his mother's goes...

Candlelight Christmas Eve Lasagna

Christmas Eve Menu

Homemade French Bread 
Olive Oil Bread Dip

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Christmas Day Menu

Homemade French Bread
Olive Oil Bread Dip


That's what we're having here. What's on the menu for Christmas at your house?

Until next time...

*Joining in with Jean over at So Not Organized and linking up with Tamy over at Chasing My Life for Blogmas 2018

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  1. LOL I too am married to a half Italian man and have had a similar menu many years in the past so it sounds perfectly normal to me!

    Merry Christmas Eve Eve to you! I'm putting the finishing touches on the plates for the fire station and then I'm done other than actual cooking.

  2. You should be thankful I live so far away because I would be inviting myself to your house for Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner if I were closer. Sounds wonderful! Hope you are enjoying your Christmas-Eve Eve!

  3. Ohmygoodness! It's nice to know that there's someone else who understands the insanity, Tamy, and considers it perfectly normal! What a blessings! Sounds like you're moving along! I just got done making three cheesecakes and I'm done until tomorrow. Yeah! :)

    And, Jean, my dear friend, you don't live that far away! Come on down and bring the family! You'd be most welcome! <3


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