Sunday, December 16, 2018

Blogmas 2018 - Day 16 - Last Minute Gift Ideas

Cash Turned Into A Christmas Star For Gift-Giving
Need some ideas for last minute gifts? How about some of these...

- Homemade jams and jellies - I always make a few extra to keep on hand during the holidays just in case unexpected guests show up. Stick a bow on top and instant-presto! A very good gift!

- A mug filled with store-bought (or homemade) candies or individual packages of hot cocoa with a peppermint stick and mini-marshmallows - wrap in cellophane and tie with a pretty bow.

- Gift cards or gift certificates - Walmart, fast food, restaurant, clothing store, or service.

- Cash - put in a card or dress it up by folding and shaping it into a work of art. I made a star like the one above for our oldest granddaughter one year and she really liked it. 

Could you imagine finding a bunch of these hanging on your Christmas tree come Christmas morning? 😲 What a cool gift that would be! I'd take it! 😆

- Coupons (printed off or hand-written) offering special services or activities - baby-sitting, dinner out, popcorn and a movie, yard work, a mechanic could offer a free oil change, a beautician could offer a free hair-cut, facial, manicure, or pedicure...the possibilities are endless!

- A plate of homemade cookies, holiday bread, or some other special treat.

- Books

- Calendars

- Boxed candy (chocolate-covered cherries, truffles, etc.)

- A poinsettia

- Jigsaw puzzles

- Games 

- Coloring books and crayons

- CD's

- and...last, but not least...the proverbial fruitcake 😊

Well...that's all I can think of! 

Until next time, 

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  1. Those are all great ideas! Love the money star, so fun.

  2. What a GREAT and comprehensive list of ideas! I too really liked the ornament (star) idea!

  3. Love the money star! will keep that in mind for next year.

  4. Thanks, Lucy! Makes giving cash even more special! <3


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