Saturday, December 22, 2018

Blogmas 2018 - Day 22 - Christmas Tree and Decorations

Today's topic is Christmas tree and decorations. For me that is plural Christmas tree(s) as we have five of big one and four little ones.

This is our big tree. It sits in my office (the Van Gogh room). As you can see, the doorway entering that room is also lighted with a strand of pretty Christmas lights.

A lighted angel adorns the top of the tree. She is constantly changing colors...first blue, then purple, then pink, then aquamarine. She's so pretty! Everyone loves her!
Next is my mother's tabletop tree...the vintage tree. I set it up every year, just as she did, and I only use her ornaments to decorate it with, including her Christmas tree skirt and the snowmen couple that she crocheted many years ago.

The only thing that I have added to the tree is a set of vintage glass Christmas tree ornaments like the ones that hung on the tree when I was a child. Over the years most of the ones Mom had have gotten broken and, by the time I inherited the tree, only a couple of the original glass ornaments remained, so I got online, tracked some down, and replaced them.
Vintage Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments

The same with the icicles. When I was a child these metal Diamond Ray Jeweled Icicles always adorned the Christmas tree. By the time I inherited the tree and its decorations, only two had survived, so, again, I got online, tracked some down, and replaced them. 
Diamond Ray Jeweled Icicles
This tiny silver tree sits in our livingroom, too, amid a village of tiny holiday houses. 
The Jesse Tree sits in the kitchen.
And last, but not least of the trees, this is the tiny tree and that sits atop the vanity in our bedroom. The mirror is outlined in lights. There is also a strand of battery operated lights laying over the cabinet in the bathroom across the hall.

Of course, my favorite decoration of all time, is the Nativity. Some day I'd like to have a big set sitting in our front yard. 

How about you? One tree? Or many? What's your favorite decoration?

Until next time...

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  1. What beautiful trees! And what a wonderful way to honor your mother by displaying her vintage tree. I think we had some of those vintage glass ornaments on our tree when I was a kid. I love Christmas decorations but I also love the Nativity sets and would like a yard one some day. Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday before Christmas!

  2. Thanks, Jean! I love those old, vintage ornaments. I couldn't remember what kind of tree topper we had when I was a child, but I saw one this morning and back the memories came. It looked like those old glass balls with the holes in them, but it had a pointed top. I'm going to try to find one before next year! And, yes, I love the nativities and actually have several small ones. Am on the look out for a yard-sized one though! :)


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