Thursday, December 20, 2018

Blogmas 2018 - Day 20 - Favorite Tradition(s)

One of our favorite traditions here is the candlelight Christmas Eve dinner. 

Candlelight Christmas Eve Lasagna Dinner
My husband asked me to marry him on Christmas Eve 1987. We have celebrated every Christmas Eve since with our traditional Christmas Eve lasagna dinner (this will be our 30th). The dinner has always been open to whoever happens to be around and is able to join us. 

In the early years it was just John and I, our children, a few close friends, and my mother-in-law (sometimes she would come over early on Christmas Eve, help with the cooking, and spend the night). Since our children have grown up, married, and started having families of their own, the dynamics of the Christmas Eve celebration has changed and varies from year to year. 

Some years one or two of the children and their families have joined us; other years, some of the children, their in-laws, other extended family members, and/or friends and neighbors have joined us. We never know from year to year who might join us at our table come Christmas Eve, but everyone is welcome. For John and I it is a constant...not only a special time to celebrate and embrace the wonder of Christmas, but a time to celebrate the love that we share...for each other and for those that are near and dear to us. 💗

Another tradition that we have always enjoyed is the making of cookies, candy, and Christmas canolli. We got to the cookies and candy this year, but, sadly, not the canolli. Maybe next year. 😉

Christmas Canolli

Other traditions include an annual reading (if our youngest daughter gets her way) of The Secret

The Secret by Rebecca Knox
This is a story that I wrote for our older children before our youngest was born. The story features our five oldest children and a wise-cracking gingerbread boy named Ralph that, after baking, came to life in their very own kitchen. The children have a secret and Ralph has been sent there by Santa Claus to learn what it is. The problem is, the secret is so secret that even the children don't know what it is until, together, they and Ralph figure it out and realize how truly blessed they really are. Pink icing, Christmas magic, and the delightful smell of whimsical berry all add sweetness to the story and it's a story that bears repeating year after year...for our children and, now, for our grandchildren, as well, when the opportunity arises. 💗

And, of course, last, but not least, the most important tradition of all is the reading of the Christmas story from Luke 2:1-20 in the Holy Scriptures. 

Christ the Savior is Born
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  1. What fun traditions! Love the idea of a candlelight dinner for Christmas Eve. Sounds like you need to publish your story :)

  2. Thanks, Jean! Yes, the candlelight dinner is the highlight of our Christmas season...the thing that John and I most look forward to. I just wish all our children and theirs could be at it every year. And, yes! I'll think about publishing THE SECRET, but I honestly don't know if the world is ready for Ralph or not! :D Hope you're havin' a great Friday! <3


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